frequently asked questions

Photo Booth Rental

We respect that your wedding day is important and you want to choose the best vendors, so below we answer a few questions we think everyone should ask a potential photo booth provider. As always, if you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.


why use visions photo booth to rent your photo booth?

Visions Photo Booth isn't your average photo booth. We've stepped things up a notch by taking basic photography principals and adding them to the traditional idea of a photo booth. What we've done is combine the convenience, fun, and excitement of a traditional photo booth and added quality. By using professional photographic lighting and imaging equipment we can provide bright & sharp images consistently where other photo booths without proper lighting, just can't. Quality can also be seen in our printers which provide high quality prints in seconds to every one of your guests.

Do you offer enclosed booths?

No, at this time we only offer open style photo booths.

why an open photo booth?

An open booth design allows for 2 main things.

  1. More guests = more fun
    • With an open booth we can generally fit a lot more people into photos, thus you and your guests have more fun!
  2. Light
    • All photos require light and in photography it is well established that the bigger the light source, the more soft and natural looking the light is. By providing an open booth, we can utilize larger light sources, giving you and your guests that bright, fun, natural look!

do i have to sign a contract?

It may seem like a burden but our contracts are designed to protect both our customers and our business. Our contracts help us ensure that we have your dates and times of services as well as any additional services we verbally worked out right. Our contracts give you the chance to review what we've agreed on and if there is something wrong you have time to help us correct it. Fortunately, we've made signing a contract a simple online process. Our online system allows you to easily digitally sign your contract and provides a simple review process for you to ensure all of the details are perfect!

Can i personalize my photo booth strip?

Yes! All of our packages include a personalized photo strip. We encourage you to customize your photo strip templates. It is your special day and your photo strip will be a long lasting reminder of your day. Why not make it your own!

do you offer unlimited photos?

Yes, All photo booth rental packages include UNLIMITED prints for your entire event. We also include an UNLIMITED number of photo booth sessions. Your guests can come through the photo booth as much as they want without any fear of going "over-budget"

what type of equipment do you use?

This is a great question because many photo booths today still use inferior technology. By that we mean that many photo booth companies are still utilizing point and shoot cameras or even web cameras for their photo booths. We believe this is a bad idea. At Visions Photo Booth, we utilize professional DSLR cameras with professional lighting to ensure a great photo. No more grainy or blurry photo booth photos. In fact, after your event we provide you with full resolution downloads of all your images! For your prints we take the same stance and utilize a professional dye sublimation printer. This printer can print and cut full color photo strips in seconds! Prints are both fast and economical over ink jet printers and will last a lifetime!

how do you handle equipment failures?

This is a great question because things happen. Just because one of our pieces of equipment fails doesn't mean it should ruin your experience. Because we want to ensure this doesn't happen, all of our equipment is tested before being packed for your event. Should our printer fail, we maintain a backup printer on site with us. In the event we can not print at all, you and your guests will be given an online gallery where guests can order prints for free with free shipping. We should note that to date we have had no printer failures on site that couldn't be fixed immediately. What if something else breaks? While we can't go through every piece of equipment we use, we can tell you that we have a backup of almost every other piece of equipment we use including computer, cables, lighting, and of course the camera.

What do you include in my photo booth gallery?

Visions Photo Booth provides all of the original high resolution images with no water marks in your web gallery in addition to the digital version of the print out. So you not only get the prints at your event, you also get digital copies of all of those prints PLUS the original images that go into the print template. All in high resolution and water mark free!